Anritsu MS2720T
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Anritsu MS2720T Spectrum Master (Must be ordered with ONE frequency option)

The Spectrum Master MS2720T delivers unparalleled performance in a compact, rugged, handheld package. 1 Hz to 10 MHz RBW, standard preamplifier, DANL of -164 dBm (typ), and phase noise of -112 dBC/Hz @ 10 kHz offset (typ) delivers the best real measurement performance available. Burst Detect mode identifies signals as narrow as 200 μS. A built-in web server allows easy remote control using most HTML 5 browsers. Unique "Save On Event" feature for unattended capturing of problematic signals. The Spectrum Master MS2720T is the spectrum analyzer of choice for security agencies and customers that expect more.

• Optional Tracking Generator (for models up to 20 GHz)
• IQ Capture Option (creates I/Q files for post analysis with Matlab or other tools)
• Secure Data Option (used in high-security facilities)
• Interference Analysis and Coverage Mapping Option(s)
• Supports Anritsu Mobile Interference Hunting System MX28007A (locate interferers quickly)
• GPS Option Provides Time/Date/Location Stamps and High-Stability Reference (<50 ppb)
• 3G & 4G Demodulation Options(s) Available


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Anritsu MS2720T

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